Friday, August 21, 2009

Tomato Basil Panini

This year I planted six basil plants and four tomato plants that are all thriving. So I am putting them to good use. My favorite lunch these days is a tomato basil panini. It is simple yet divine!

I made them for my 4th of July barbecue as little appetizers. They are cute this way as well as super yummy. I just cut the bread with a round cookie cutter and bought the round mozz.

Here is what you need:

Tomatoes - sliced
Fresh Basil - whole or shredded
Soft Mozzarella - sliced
salt and pepper to taste
Garlic salt (optional, but I love to sprinkle on just a dash)

Assemble and grill in the panini press until cheese is slightly melted and grill marks are on the bread.


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JanaLee said...

Yummy! You have awakened my summer soul! ....I feel like I want to wear flip flops! I have to say, one of my longtime favorites has always been toasted... *fresh* (from the garden is always yummiest!) brightly colored, tomatoe and basil sanwhiches! They are seriously one of my favorite things about summer! Growing up "Astle" means having a big garden! Sadly, since my childhood, I have mostly used a farmers market, or fabulous friends to fill my fresh basil and tomatoes needs. Sorry mom! What a fabulous twist on one of my favorite delights! Thanks for the recipe! I am off to Sunflower Market tomorrow! Oh how I wish for summer at this very moment! Slurrrp!